When I am not working in the community I am volunteering and participating in other community projects that matter most to me. I am involved in many projects as a volunteer, a board of trustee member,  or a volunteer coordinator. Many of my roles all have one thing in common: addressing BAME/BIPOC injustice in our society. I am lucky to be part of these organisations. 

Economic Lead- Board of Trustee Member

I am proud to be a Board of Trustee Member to a research company founded by a woman of colour. 

"Economic Lead was founded in 2021, and is already an award winning and first of its kind, BAME founded Research Company in Scotland. 
Made up of a team of academics committed to Scotland’s development, by investigating and informing public bodies of the issues and challenges faced within the minority ethnic and marginalised community. They go into the community, understand the needs of the citizens, investigate, and present solutions, thereby eradicating those challenges. This idea was driven by their belief that Scotland needs diversity of thought in order to tackle the communities' challenges. They are the first point of contact for information gathering and insight sharing, providing community-based initiatives created to address and solve localized problems. It is their intention to support in bridging the gap between local authorities and these communities, by making public bodies aware of the voices and needs of Scotland's minority ethnics and marginalised."

Check out their website at Economic Lead.

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Minga Indigena-  Coordinator/ Board Member

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College Success Foundation- Alumni

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