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COP26 with Minga Indigena

I have the pleasure of working closely with a variety of Indigenous peoples participating in UN Climate Change Conferences. When this opportunity presented itself, it seemed like fate.  My friend brought a post to my attention about supporting Indigenous peoples in Glasgow for COP26. I knew I wanted to be part of this at any capacity that I could be useful. Not only were my ancestors coming to Glasgow, but everything they had planned was literally outside my living room window. Too much was a coincidence to not feel the force of the universe at play and the work of my ancestors coming to fruition.


In many respects COP26 brought me home. COP26 landed and all the events came to close but my new relationships with local organizations like the Bowling Green in Pollokshields is here to stay and my dedication to the movement for climate justice continues. 

I wanted to create a blog about my journey with Minga Indigena. I still plan to, but I am still processing the madness of COP26 and still involved in my conversation and plans for the Indigenous peoples summit and COp27.

First, have a look about  Minga from Minga Indigena themselves. They have beautiful messages and images on their website. 

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