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I frequently receive invitations to speak at lectures, participate in panel discussions, or appear on podcasts. Depending on the subject matter and purpose of the event, I view these opportunities as a means of engaging with a broad range of audiences and individuals. I strongly believe that academic research should be accessible to everyone, not just those who can afford access to journal articles. Some examples of the discussions I have been invited to join include:


I was asked to comment on a recent Joseph Rowntree report (October of 2021) concerning the racial inequalities of poverty in Scotland.

BBC Good Morning Scoltand Melissa Espinoza and Chris Birt
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Engender Scotland

In this second episode of the Pass the Mic takeover of On the Engender, host Talat Yaqoob speaks with Rosario BlueMelissa Espinoza, and Kirndeep Kaur about lived experience and the power of meaningful participation in policy. 

Find out more about the Pass the Mic project here.

Access a transcript of this episode here.

On the Engender is produced by Amanda Stanley for Engender. Jingle by Bossy Love

Press Conference Microphones

Pass The Mic

Part of being able to share my experience and expertise has also been because of the efforts made by other women of colour. I am part of a community of experts who also happen to be women of colour in Scotland. You can learn more about Pass the Mic here. I encourage any person who identifies as a woman of colour living in Scotland to sign up as an expert in their field. 

National Lottery Great Big Walk Refuweegee
(across the UK)

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Working as Case Manager In Shelter Diversion

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