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Count Us In (2019 Point-in-time count) King County Report

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

My thoughts and experience:

When I first heard of the point in time count I was in undergraduate. I had only heard of it but didn't really understand what it meant to bothered to look into why it was important.

So often we assume the government has these robust information systems that monitor the scale of issues such as homelessness.

It wasn't until I graduated from undergrad that I participated in the One Night Count. I was working at Crisis Clinic at the time. I went with my colleagues in the middle of night and did exactly what it sounds like: conducted a visual point in time count of who (looked homeless) from 2:00-6:00am in a specific census tract area.

I assumed this information was used for the city to have an idea of clusters of homelessness. I didn't realize at the time that

Planning, conducting, and implementing the annual Seattle-King County CoC Point-in-time count.
What is CoC?
What is the Point-in-count:

Here is the link if you wish to know more!

2019 PITC King-County-Report
Download PDF • 3.39MB


The impact of my work in the PIT count helped elevate Indigenous peoples voices in addressing homelessness disparities. Read more here from Colleen EchoHawk-Hayashi:

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